METBUG is Blackboard's first Military Education Training Users Group. Launched at the Army dL conference in Newport News, VA in March 2009, METBUG aims to bring DoD Blackboard users together to find out what their peers are doing, learn from others' experiences, as well as discuss relevant issues such as content development, student management and more.

What is a BUG?

Blackboard User Groups, or BUGS, bring together Blackboard users interested in networking, learning, meeting subject matter experts and sharing best practices with one another. They may meet virtually or in person. Most importantly, Blackboard user groups are run by users, for users.

Why does METBUG exist?
At our initial meeting at the Army dL conference, this group of 40 peers or so pulled together why they thought this group would be useful. Here are the challenges DoD Bb users face:

  • How to Use Blackboard (effectively)
  • Communicating with other DoD users to discover best practices
  • Using available tools to reach the full capability of Blackboard within DoD
  • Navigating through policy & procedure
  • Using Building Blocks – how to install? When to do it? What types of courses?
  • Justifying my dL system (ROI)
  • Leverage the expertise of your peers
  • Collectively address issues or challenges as they arise
  • Stay informed about the latest trends and products updates
  • Gain direct access to key subject matter experts
  • Represent your institution and those of your group members when sharing feedback to Blackboard
  • Help your institution to remain a key contributor toward innovating education or training
  • Enhance and improve the greater Blackboard community
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